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The site was originally compiled by John A. Fitzmaurice of Arlington, Massachusetts, USA.  Sadly, he has passed away. He was kind enough to provide us with his data to enable us to continue this valuable project.  All Fitzmaurices throughout the world owe John tremendous gratitude for the immense amount of research which he carried out and which is contained in this site.  We welcome all feedback and any additional content.

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Most people named FITZMAURICE are directly descended from at least one of the FITZMAURICE Lords of Kerry. Therefore, that titled male line is the most convenient basis for ordering numerous branches of the FITZMAURICE families that we hope to identify and relate. This document is intended to list every person in the direct titled male line from recent peers back more than a thousand years. Each man listed was the potential patriarch of a network of FITZMAURICE families, most records of which are now lost forever.

A second, and smaller, network of FITZMAURICE families is descended from Maurice de Prendergast, a Norman knight who settled in Mayo. Not much information concerning the Prendergast network of FITZMAURICE families has yet been found.

John also presented information about some other well known people named FITZMAURICE. We look forward to adding well documented, multi-generational information about more FITZMAURICE families.

Please send information and comments to Catherine FitzMaurice.

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Table of Contents