Garret Fitzgerald of Ballynard, Co Limerick married Annabel Ryeves, 1st daughter of Colonel James Ryeves of Carrignafeely, Co Kerry and his wife Alice Spring.   Colonel James Ryeves was the son of Sir Robert Ryeves and Dame Dorothy Touchet, one of the daughters of John Touchet, Baron Audley and father of the first Earl of Castlehaven) and Alice Spring.  Alice was the fourth daughter of Annabel Brown and Captain Thomas Spring.  Colonel James and Alice had four sons, James, John, William and Gerrard and five daughters, Annabella who married Garret Fitzgerald, Jane, Anne, Katherine and Elizabeth.  The second son married John Ryeves, married a sister of Gamaliel Warters of Cullen, Barony of Conagh, Co Limerick from where the name Gamaliel may have been derived.

Gamaliel Warter acquired the Bilboa estate, Barony of Coonagh, Co Limerick by the end of the 1600s.  His son Edward married Alice Osborne and they had three daughters, Catherine who married Rev Dean George Story and who had no issue, Margaret who married Ralph Wilson who became Warter Wilson as heir (their son Edward succeeded to Bilboa and Anne.

Garret and Annabel issue six sons:  John, Garret, James (who was a barrister and married Anne Porter and had issue two daughters Annabell who married Count Ulick Brown and Anne), Alexander (died unmarried), Edward (died unmarried), Thomas (left Limerick after the surrender and married his cousin Anne Butler of Ballynahenshy and had issue six sons and three daughters - see below) and two daughters, Mar and Ellen.

Colonel John Fitzgerald, eldest son of Garret and Annabel, married Barbara, daughter of John Boyle, Bishop of Cork and widow of Sir John Brown.  Had no heir so inheritance passed to the second son Garret.

Garret Fitzgerald, second son of Garret and Annabel, became the heir.  He married firstly an English person and had issue a son William Fitzgerald who married Sabina Weekes.  They had issue two sons and one daughter, Gerrard, John and Annabel.  Annabel married Captain Thomas Fitzgerald and had a daughter who married Alexander Butler.

Garret Fitzgerald married secondly Margaret Warters and left issue two sons:-
1)  Gamaliel Fitzgerald married Susanna Raines and had issue two daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth.  The eldest daughter Margaret married Harman Fitzmaurice on 17th September 1732.  They had issue one son James b 1735.

2)  James Fitzgerald married Elizabeth, daughter of Captain George Gregory of Newtown, Co Limerick and had issue four sons and one daughter, Garret, George, Gregory, Robert and Elizabeth.

3)  Mary, eldest daughter of Garret and Margaret Fitzgerald married John Fitzgerald, the eldest son of her uncle John Fitzgerald of Kilduff and by him had issue.

4)  Margaret, second daughter of Garret and Margaret married Quarter master Smith

Thomas Fitzgerald, sixth son of Garret Fitzgerald and Annabell Ryeves married his cousin Anne Butler of Ballynahenshy and had issue six sons and three daughters:-
1)  John married his cousin Mary Fitzgerald and had issue a daughter
2)  Garret married a daughter of John Shortall, Clok and left issue two sons Shortall and Thomas Fitzgerald of Cullen and three daughters
3)  William married Miss O'Brien of Pallice and left issue three sons, Thomas, John and George who married a daughter of Donat O'Brien and left issue
4)  James married Miss Lysaght and left issue one daughter.
5)  Alexander married Ms Barry of Johnstown and left no issue
6)  Richard married Ms Blake near Cullen and left issue one son William and two daughters Alicia and Jane.
1)  Jane married William Lloyd of Tuogh, Co Limerick, Clk, and had issue two sons Thomas and Edward of Eyon.
2)  Annabell married Captain Jasper Grant of Kilmurry
3)  Mary, third daughter, married Thomas Lloyd of Fuintarrefin, Co Limerick and left no issue.  She married secondly Thomas Moore, one of the 'Galway Prisoners' and had issue, three sons and two daughters.
a)  Roger Moore of Ballinaclogh
b)  John Moore (abroad)
c)  Southwell Moore of Ashgrove, Co Tipperary. JP.  Had daughter Ellen who married George Black Esq.  A Southwell Moore of Ashgrove died in March 1840 aged 79.  This Southwell's youngest daughter Mary Anne died November 1839.  His eldest daughter married John Henry Ashe, son of Captain Henry Ashe of Marlborough Square London and Ballygurt, Co Clare on 6th June 1837 and she died 12 July 1856.  Southwell's wife Margaret died aged 70 at Ashgrove in late March 1838.
d)  Barbara Moore
e)  Catherine Moore

Barbara, daughter of Roger Southwell Moore of Ashgrove and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of the Knight of Glin, married Edmund Mulcahy on 6th July 1786.  On 13th August 1862 at the Catholic Church, Doon, Co Limerick, Southwell Moore Mulcahy Esq of Coolnamona married Margaret, second daughter of Patrick Kilbride Esq of Toonline.

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