Sister Mary Veronica FitzMaurice, B.V.M. [M2.2]

aka Mary Veronica Agnes FitzMaurice [M2.2]
(14 Oct 1895 - 5 Aug 1984)


Die 27 Octobris 1895 Baptizavi
Mariam Veronicam nat 14 Oct 1895 fil Joannis Fitzmaurice et Noræ Mulvihill
Test. Thomas Regan et Maria Doharty.
Source: Mormon film 1704692, Item 3: Holy Family Church, Chicago IL,
Baptisms 1887-1903, Vol. 5, p. 355.

Suggested translation:

On this 27th day of October 1895, I have baptized Mary Veronica, born 14 Oct 1895, daughter of John Fitzmaurice and Nora Mulvihill. Sponsors: Thomas Regan and Mary Doherty.
Mary Doherty (b. 22 Feb 1880) was an unmarried, half-sister of Nora Mulvihill. She later married Patrick McCarthy.

Address of Sister Mary Veronica in 1978:
Marian Hall Room 238
1050 Carmel Drive
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Funeral Liturgy
Sister Mary Veronica FitzMaurice, BVM
Marian Hall
August 8, 1984

"When Jesus received the news of the death of John the Baptist, He withdrew by boat to a lonely place where He could be by Himself."
Mt. 14:13

These were the opening words we all heard in Sunday's Gospel. How appropriate ... for as we received the news of the sudden and unexpected death of Sister Mary Veronica FitzMaurice, we all desired to withdraw for a moment ... to be by ourselves and to reflect on the life and the death ... the joys and the sorrows ... experienced by Sister in her 88 years of life.

Veronica was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 14, 1895, the middle child of John FitzMaurice and Nora Mulvihill. The love and concern of her older brother John and her younger brother, Emmett, were always evident and formed the foundation for the subsequent deep love and appreciation that Veronica expressed for her nieces and nephews ... grand nieces and grand nephews.

In addition to the FitzMaurice family ... Holy Family Parish in Chicago strongly influenced the desires and values of young Veronica. On September 8, 1914, she entered the BVM Congregation and for over 50 years was known as Sister Mary St. Mildred.

Following her first vows in 1917, Veronica began a long teaching career ... focusing her love and energy on elementary school children in Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Iowa, Washington and Illinois.

Sister retired from teaching in 1964 and for the last 14 years has been a member of our Marian Hall Community.

During the last years ... months and days of her life, those of us who had the privilege of sharing her hopes and dreams ... her struggles and anxieties, saw a person who daily turned to the Lord for healing ...
who consciously sought to let go of the past ...
and to recognize the unconditional love of the Lord.
We also recognized in her a deep concern for peace and justice issues. She was a BVM who responded positively to the call in our revised Constitution:
"to give strong public witness against oppression brought about by unjust political and social structures ..."
She committed herself to this work through letter writing and more frequent phone calls to her friend and our Congressman, Tom Tauke.

In the mystery of Veronica's death and in the mystery of her ever present concerns, challenges and anxieties, she demonstrated her strong belief in Paul's message that
"nothing can come between us and the love of Christ, even if we are troubled or worried, or being persecuted, or lacking food or clothes, or being threatened or even attacked.
These are the trials through which we triumph, by the power of Him Who loved us."
Through this power and love of the Lord, Veronica has now triumphed!


Sister Mary McCauley, BVM

The following information was compiled by the archivist of
the Community on 3 July 1978.
Names by which I have been known:
  Baptismal: Mary Veronica FitzMaurice
  Confirmation: Agnes
  Religious: Sister Mary Saint Mildred, BVM
Sr. M. Veronica FitzMaurice, BVM
Date and Place of Birth: October 14, 1895 Chicago, Illinois
Date and Place of Baptism: October 27, 1895 Holy Family Church, Chicago
Date and Place of Confirmation:  May 26, 1907   Holy Family Church, Chicago
 Godfather: Thomas Regan    Godmother: Mary Doherty
Names of schools attended:
Sacred Heart Convent and Holy Family School Grade school years  
St. Mary High School 1910-1914  
Creighton University
Loyola University
Clarke College
Mundelein College
DePaul University
Parents: John J. FitzMaurice Nora Mulvihill FitzMaurice
Their Dates of Birth:  Circa 1870 January 13, 1867
Their Places of Birth Matheau, Co. Limerick, Ireland Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Their Dates of Death: October 15, 1935  March 19, 1951
Cemetery: All Saints, Chicago All Saints, Chicago
Grandparents:   [blank]  
Uncles: Tim FitzMaurice
Henry FitzMaurice
Aunts: Mary McCarthy
Maggie Quinn
Other relative: Rev. Raymond E. O'Connor, CMF
A Claretian and Priest Forever
Ordained June 13, 1964
Date of entrance into the Community: September 8, 1914  
  (Information given by S Veronica FitzMaurice)

The following document was received from my niece, Sister Suzanne FitzMaurice, in Nov 1997.
1750 Fitz Maurice, Mary Veronica Baptismal Name: Mary Veronica
SSN: 485643434      

 Birthplace:  Chicago, IL
 Entrance Date:

 Entered from:  Chicago, IL
 Reception Date:

 First Vow Date:  03/10/1917
 Final Vow Date:

 Death Date:

 Cemetery: Mount Carmel, Dubuque IA
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  Sacred Heart  Boulder


 HF/St Aloysius  Chicago


 St Bridget  Omaha


 St Joseph  Butte


 St Gertrude  Chicago


 Cath/St Mary  Lincoln


 Sacred Heart  Lincoln


 OL of Lourdes  Chicago


 St Bridget  Chicago


 HF/ St Aloysius  Chicago


 St Dominic  ES Chicago


 St Tarcissus  Chicago


 St Mary  Clinton


 St Patrick  Cedar Rapids


 St Anne  East Moline


 St Paul  Davenport


 St Eugene  Chicago


 MQ of Heaven  Cicero


 St Joseph  Rock Island


 Holy Name  ES Chicago


 St Tarcissus  Chicago


 St John  Seattle


 St Patrick  Cedar Falls


 Motherhouse  Dubuque


 Marian Hall  Dubuque

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