Garrett FitzMaurice married Honora Dare and he died 1628.  The Duagh estate was confiscated in 1641 but was reinstated in 1663.   Garrett and Honora had issue:-

(1)  Ulick FitzMaurice, eldest son and heir who married Ann, daughter of Francis Gough, Bishop of Limerick and his wife Elizabeth Greene.  Army Captain.  Will dated 23rd March 1680.  Had issue.
(2)  Edward FitzMaurice
(3)  John FitzMaurice
(4)  Joan FitzMaurice married Gogan.  Had issue.
(5)  Ellen FitzMaurice
(6)  Honoria FitzMaurice
(7)  Daughter who married Ensign Francis Gough

Ulick FitzMaurice and his wife Ann had issue:-
(1)  Henry FitzMaurice, eldest son and heir, married Margaret, daughter of John Chinnery of Castlecor, Co Cork
(2)  Francis FitzMaurice
(3)  Richard FitzMaurice
(4)  Kerry FitzMaurice
(5)  James FitzUlic FitzMaurice.  Died at Windmill, Co Derry on 10th May 1689.
(6)  Susanna FitzMaurice, only daughter, married Richard Chinnery, Attorney of Limerick.  Had issue two daughters who died without issue.

Henry FitzMaurice married in 1678 Margaret, daughter of John Chinnery of Castlecor, Co Cork and his wife Catherine, daughter of Robert Terry, Castle Terry, Co Limerick.  Had issue:-

(1)  Garrett FitzMaurice died May 1738.  Married Mary Elliott, daughter of General Elliott who was wounded at the Battle of Steinkerk in 1692.  Became Governor of Gibraltar.
(2)  Edmund FitzMaurice

Garrett FitzMaurice and his wife Mary had issue:-

(1)  Ulick FitzMaurice married 17th January 1723 Tryphena Blennerhassett (b 17th Jan 1703), 3rd daughter of Captain John Blennerhassett.  Ulick's will of 9th August 1738.  Had issue.
(2)  Raymond FitzMaurice married 4th daughter of Captain John Blennerhassett
(3)  Kerry FitzMaurice
(4)  Henry FitzMaurice
(5)  Susannah FitzMaurice
(6)  Mary FitzMaurice married Cornelius O'Mahony, Brosna.

Ulick FitzMaurice and Tryphena had issue three sons and two daughters:-

(1)  John FitzMaurice married Margaret Stack, daughter of John Stack of Ballyconry, Kerry and Ann, a daughter of Maurice, 14th Knight of Kerry.  Had issue
(2)  Ulick FitzMaurice
(3)  Henry FitzMaurice
(4)  Elizabeth FitzMaurice b 9th June 1726
(5)  Clifford FitzMaurice b 9th July 1727 married Wall.

Tryphena married secondly Raymond.  Ulick died in 1738 when the children were minors.

John FitzMaurice and Margaret Stack had issue two sons:
(1)  Ulick FitzMaurice married 1778 Agnes Elizabeth Anne Studdert of Elm Hill, Co Limerick.
(2)  John FitzMaurice junior who married Mary Burke.  Had issue three sons and four daughters.

Ulick FitzMaurice and Agnes Elizabeth Anne Studdert, a daughter of Maurice who was the son of Rev George Studdert, Chaplain to William of Orange and grandson of Judge Studdert of Cumberland.  Had issue:
(1)  Maurice FitzMaurice b 1782 and who married 1812 Margaret, daughter of Oliver Stokes.  Maurice died 1843 and Margaret d in 1877.  Issue nine sons and 3 daughters.

Maurice FitzMaurice and Margaret Stokes had issue:
(1)  Oliver FitzMaurice, eldest son, b 8th February 1818, married 1853 Alicia, daughter of Richard Gabbett of Caherline. Had issue
(2)  Maurice Raymond FitzMaurice, second son, b 1820, married Mary Fisher.  Had issue Maurice FitzMaurice and William Henry FitzMaurice who lived in Killeshin, Carlow very close to the descendants of the 20th Lord of Kerry.
(3)  Rev George FitzMaurice of Bedford House, Listowel.  Married Winifred O'Connor.  Had issue five sons and seven daughters.  Only 3rd son and playwright married - George FitzMaurice.
(4)  Henry FitzMaurice married Honoria O'Connor.  Had issue:
(5)  Dr Robert FitzMaurice who married Thomasine Stevens, a widow, otw Taylor.  Had issue four sons and three daughters.
(6)  John FitzMaurice
(7)  Ulick FitzMaurice married 1862 Lucy Seely.
(8)  Dr Edward FitzMaurice b 1832 married 1865 Constance O'Dell.  Had issue.
(9)  Julian FitzMaurice b 1833 and married 1868 Amelia Peet, Arabella, Tralee.
(10)Elizabeth FitzMaurice married firstly James Eidington, Scotland.  Had issue.  Married secondly Rowland Bateman.  Had issue.
(11)Agnes FitzMaurice married 1836 William and had issue.
(12)Honoria FitzMaurice married 1851 Francis Peet, Rathany, Kerry.  Had issue.

Oliver FitzMaurice b 8th February 1818 married in 1853 Alicia, daughter of Richard Gabbett, Caherline.  Had issue:-
(1)  Maurice Windham FitzMaurice who died aged five.
(2)  Deborah Olivia FitzMaurice b Jan 1858.  Died unmarried.  Inherited Duagh and sold in 1907 under the Wyndham Acts of 1903.
(3)  Margaret Elizabeth FitzMaurice b January 1859.  Married Richard Studdert in March 1880.  Had issue a son and daughter.

Oliver died in April 1859 and was buried in family vault at Duagh.  His widow Alicia moved to Limerick and married secondly Mr Blood Smtih QC.  They moved to Dublin and then to England.

Maurice Raymond FitzMaurice, second son of Maurice FitzMaurice and Margaret Stokes, b 21 Jan 1821, married 24th June 1851 Mary Leadbeater Fisher, daughter of James Fisher of Limerick.  He rented Duagh from the Court of Chancery.  Had issue:-
(1)  Maurice (Mossy) FitzMaurice b 17th August, 1853 and married in 1878 Anabella Rollstein, second daughter of John Palmer of Banmore, Co Kerry.  Emigrated to Oregon, USA in 1886.  Had issue five sons and five daughters
(2) Rev William Henry FitzMaurice  Married Emma Theodora Jameson and had issue.  Lived for a time in Carlow.
(3)  Rev Julian FitzMaurice, Clerk in Holy Orders

Maurice (Mossy) FitzMaurice and his wife Anabella Palmer had issue five sons and five daughters:
(1)  Maurice FitzMaurice, b 1883 and died 1946.  Did not marry.
(2)  John Desmond FitzMaurice, b 1885 and died 1919 in First World War.  Never married.
(3)  William Henry FitzMaurice, b 1888.  Married Elizabeth Benedict and had issue two daughters.  Lived in Portland, Oregon.
(4)  Charles Edward FitzMaurice, b 1892 and married Lillian Crosby.  Had issue:-
(a)  William Crosby FitzMaurice, born 15th December 1924.  Married Dorothy Runnion and had issue son and daughter,.
(b)  Anabella FitzMaurice born 28th December 1925 and married James Edward Fish.  Issue son and daughter.
(5)  Robert Massey FitzMaurice, born 1893.  Lived Salem, Oregon.  Married Claire Wade (b 5 June 1898).  Had issue one son John Massey Fitzmaurice b 15th Dec 1927 and married Patricia Sue Arrowsmith on 23rd Sept 1950. Had issue.
(6)  Kathleen Honoria FitzMaurice b 1879 and d 1901.  Married William Quinn, had 2 girls, one boy.
(7)  Mary Lydia Jeanne FitzMaurice b 1880.  Married Charles M. Redfield and had issue 3 children.
(8)  Anabella Dymphna Studdert FitzMaurice b 1881, married and had three children.
(9)  Hannah Jane FitzMaurice, b 1891. Married Robert Butler and had one child.
(10)Elizabeth Helen FitzMaurice, b 1895.  Married Henry W. Dickson.  No issue.

William Henry FitzMaurice, 2nd son of Maurice Raymond FitzMaurice and Margaret Stokes, b 1855 and married 12th September 1889 Emma Theodora, daughter of Archdeacon Jameson of Carlow.  Was educated at Collegiate School, 3 Harrington St, Dublin.  Entered National Bank of Ireland at Listowel in 1872.  Manager of Clonakilty Branch in 1897. They had five sons and one daughter.
(2)  James Gerald FitzMaurice, baptised on 16th May, 1893 at Killeshin, Carlow.  Parents address Crossleigh. Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Tank Corp.  Married.  Killed in action in 1940.  Had issue two children:
(a)  Maurice FitzMaurice b 1933, Lieutenant, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
(b)  Maureen FitzMaurice, b 1934.
(3)  Henry Godfrey FitzMaurice, baptised 22nd September 1894 at Killeshin, Carlow. Parents address Killeshin Parsonage. Medical Practitioner of the Colonial Service.  Lited at Fort Johnson, Nyasaland.
(4)  Desmond FitzMaurice baptised 1st April 1896 at Killeshin Parsonage, Carlow.  An explorer.  Lived at River View, Ovens, Cork.  Married Alma, daughter of Edward Hoare of Carrigrohane Castle.  Had issue:
(a)  Wilfred FitzMaurice, youngest son, b 1899, Lieutenant Colonel Indian Army.  Retired to Ovens, Cork.  Unmarried.  Served with Pakistan Army.
(b)  Dymphna FitzMaurice, only daughter, b 1902.  Married Henry Dobbin of Cork.  Had issue:-
(a)  Peter Dobbin b 1923
(b)  Gerald Dobbin b 1928.  Emigrated to USA.
(5)  Maurice FitzMaurice baptised Killeshin, Carlow on 11th June 1890.  Address of parents.  Athy Street, Carlow.
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