CARY FAMILY DESCENDANTS OF HARMAN, Son of James of Kilmihill, Co Clare, third son of William, 20th Baron of Kerry

Rev Henry Cary, b 1717 married on 12 Feb 1742 Mary Deering, the daughterof Henry Deering and Mary King (the daughter of Sir Robert King).  They had issue:-

1.  Lieutenant Robert Cary who married Henrietta Burrell and had issue. He died 5 Nov 1800 in Portarlington.
2.  Henry Cary, b 1743 at Killala, West Meath
3.  Captain William Cary, b 1746 and died 19th July, 1834 in Worcestershire.

Lieutenant Robert Cary and Henrietta Burrell, a daughter of William Burrell, had issue:

1.  Henrietta Frances Cary, b 1778 Portarlington.  Married John FitzMaurice, son James and grandson of Harman. She died 18th January 1860 at Kelvin Grove.
2.  Robert Cary who died 15 Aug 1838.  He married Frances Anne Henry and had issue:
3.  Charlotte Anne Cary married Rev James Elliott and had issue a daughter Anne Harriet Elliott b 1 Jun 1834 Crumlin, Dublin.  Anne married Captain George Cary on 15 Feb 1859 at Crumlin, Dublin & had issue twelve children.
4.  Unknown Cary
5.  Unknown Cary
6.  Unknown Cary

Captain Robert Cary, son of Lieutenant Robert Cary and Henrietta Burrell, married Frances Anne Henry and had issue:-

1.  Henry Cary
2.  Robert Cary bpt 1862 at Crumlin.  Address: Kingstown.
3.  Frances (Fanny Cary), b Portarlington, eldest daughter.  She married  Arthur FitzMaurice, son of John and Henrietta Frances Cary at Leagh Church, near Portarlington on 17th February, 1842 (Her father was dead at the time of her marriage). She died 26 Feb 1892 Kelvin Grove, Carlow
4.  Harriet Cary, b 14 March, 1817
5.  Captain George Cary, b 14 March, 1817.  Died 23 Dec 1891 Kimmage.  Dublin
6.  Arthur Cary.  Died 19 Dec 1846
7.  Anne Caroline Cary

Charlotte Anne Cary married Rev James Elliott, Curate of Crumlin Parish and had issue a daughter Anne Harriet Elliott b 1 Jun 1834 Crumlin, Dublin.  The address at the time of her marriage was Laurel Lodge, Rathfarnham. 

Anne Harriet married Captain George Cary of the Queens Militia and son of Captain Robert Cary of the 69th Regiment on 15 Feb 1859 at Crumlin, Dublin.  The witnesses at their wedding were Richard Elliot and Edward Fitzmaurice. They had issue twelve children:-

1.  Elliott Lucius Cary b 1860
2.  Robert Cary b 1861
3.  Infant Cary b 1862.  Died 1862
4.  Robert Elliott Cary b 19 Jun 1863.  Married 3 August 1909 Bayswater Maud Mary Payne, daughter of John Payne and had issue.  He died 1 Mar 1952 Morden, Surrey
5.  Lucius George Cary b 17 Dec 1864, Dublin.  Died 14 Mar 1887 Crumlin, Dublin
6.  Lieutenant Colonel Arthur James Cary b 16 Jul 1866 Balrothery, Dublin.  Married 11 Oct 1893 Bray, Ireland Marion Loftus Cary and had issue.  He died 13 Jan 1930 at Weston Super Mare.
7.  Major Clarence Francis Cary b 16 Feb 1868 Rathfarnham, Dublin.  Married Ada (Poppie) Fitzmaurice, daughter of Major Harman Fitzmaurice and Helena.  They had twins: Margery Doris Noreen Cary b 16 Nov 1907 and Raymond Ditchley Deering Cary b 16 Nov 1907.  He died 3 May 1956 Battersea, London
8.  Mary Harriet Cary, b 21 Oct 1871 and died 5 feb 1958 Crumlin, Dublin
9.  George Sydney Cary, b 22 Jul 1873 Dublin.  Married Louisa Cary.  He died 16 June 1950 HArtismere, Suffolk
10. Rupert Frederick Cary, b 14 Aug 1876 and died 26 Dec 1889 Crumlin, Dublin
11. Henry Charles Cary, b 17 Jul 1878 Crumlin, Dublin.  Married Amy FitzMaurice, daughter of Major Harman and Frances FitzMaurice (also step sister of Ada who married Henry's brother Major Clarence Cary) & granddaughter of Captain James and Harriet Thomas on 23rd February 1910 at Castlecomer.  He died 13 Oct, 1957 Portarlington
12. Annie Charlotte Cary, b 4 May 1890 Crumlin, Dublin and died 1 Mar 1940 Sudbury, Suffolk.


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