DESCENDANTS OF JOHN FITZMAURICE, Son of James & descendant of William, 20th Baron of Kerry

John FitzMaurice, born 9th January 1767 to James Fitzmaurice, eldest son of Harman.  Married 17th Sept 1797 to Henrietta Frances Cary and had twenty children. He died 23rd January, 1840 at Killeshin, Carlow.  Burial service at Leighlin.

1.  Robert Fitzmaurice b 26 Jul 1798 and d 1799.  God parents:  The Earl of Portarlington, Colonel Warburton and Mrs Donal

2.  Henrietta Fitzmaurice b 16 Jul 1800.  God parents:  Miss Clark, Captain Rt Cary and Mrs Harrison.  Married Robert Antoine Fleury, a barrister in Waterford & third son of Venerable George Louis Fleury, Archdeacon of Waterford for 52 years and his wife Isabella Weekes on 25 Jun 1820 Leighlin, Carlow.  (Robert had sister Elizabeth Melisina who married Henry M'Clintock in 1809 and she died 29th Jan 1853).  Robert Antoine died on 29th August, 1853 at his residence, 2 Belgrave Avenue, Rathmines. Had issue at least:

(1) Isabella Frances Fleury b 30 July 1821 and died 19 Mar 1837.

(2) Henrietta M Fleury died 17th June 1852.

Robert's widow Henrietta Fleury d 24 Feb 1878 aged 77 years.  They are buried at Mt Jerome cemetery, Dublin.

3.  Caroline Fitzmaurice b 24 May 1802 and d 24th May 1802.  God parents included Miss Caroline Cary.

4.  John Fitzmaurice b 6 Jul 1803. God parents: Major Chetwood, N. Collis Esq, Mrs Legrand. Married Eliza Taylor.  Had issue.

5.  James Harman Fitzmaurice b 12 June 1804.  God parents: Harman Fitzmaurice, James Fitzmaurice and the Hon ?. Married ?  No further information yet found.

6.  Mary Anne Fitzmaurice b 23 Jun 1805.  God parents:  Mrs Archdeacon Fleury and Mrs James Fitzmaurice. Died 22nd Aug 1881 at Kelvin Grove. Burial service 25th August, 1881 aged 76 at St Anne's Carlow. She was the eldest surviving daughter and did not marry.

7.  Horace Man Fitzmaurice b 28 Jul 1806.  God parents:  Sir Horace Man, Archdeacon Fleury, Miss C. Cary.

8.  William Raymond Fitzmaurice b 29 Jun 1807. God parents: Miss Anne Fitzmaurice and Captain William Fitzmaurice. Married Anne Frances Hodson on 6 Nov 1832 at Castletown Church, Queens County.

9. Robert Thomas Fitzmaurice b 2 Jun 1808. God parents: Rev Thomas Omara, Rev Thomas Handcock, Miss A Cary. Married Elizabeth Georgiana Evans.  He d 31 May 1837 Surrey Lodge, Rathmines, Dublin

10. Charlotte Fitzmaurice b 11 May 1809.  God parents.  Mrs E. McGillicuddy, Miss Arabella Fitzmaurice, Miss Caroline Cary. Married Peter Clarke of Carlow on 2nd Feb 1850 at St Annes Church, Carlow by Rev Charles Edward Tisdall.  She was described as the third daughter at time of marriage. 

11. Alicia Maria Fitzmaurice b 18 Jul 1810. God parents: Mrs William Fitzmaurice and Miss Maria Fitzmaurice. Described as fourth daughter at marriage. Married Guy Luther of Clonmel on 7 Nov 1832 at Leighlin, Carlow.  She d 1886.

12. Henry Rochford Thomas Fitzmaurice (seventh son) b 2 Nov 1811.  God parents.  Colonel Rochford, Rev Dr Thomas and Mrs Jas Herring.  Married 1st Amy Greene, 2nd Leonore Farley.  Emigrated to Australia. Died 11 Sep 1877 aged 66.

13. Anne Fitzmaurice b 8 Oct 1812. God parents:  John Rochfort Esq, Senior.  Mary Herring, Catherine McGillicuddy.

14. Gamaliel Fitzmaurice b 18 Oct 1813. God parents: Captain William Herring, Gamaliel Fitzmaurice and Mrs Robert Cary, Junior.  Died 4 June 1876 at Ballahide. The eighth son, he married Charlotte Fitzmaurice, eldest daughter of Captain James Fitzmaurice of Old Derrig on 20th June 1850 at Killeshin, Carlow. Marriage conducted by Rev Dawson Massey.

15. Amelia Fitzmaurice b 17 Nov 1814. God parents: Mrs Amelia Carroll, William Herring and Ellen Herring. Died Dublin South 1892.  Married John Church on 6 Jan 1847 Clontarf Parish, Dublin.  No further information known yet.

16. George Burrel Fitzmaurice b 26 Dec 1815.  God parents:  Mrs R. Cary, Senior, Mrs Galbraith and Mrs Harman Herring.

17. Caroline Mary Fitzmaurice baptised 1 Mar 1817 at Leighlin, Carlow. God parents:  Mrs Falkiner Senior and Mrs Despard. Married John Henry Gavan, Superintendent of Police on the island of Ceylon on 5 Sep 1844 at Crumlin Church, Dublin.  He was a son of the late Rev John Gavan of Wailstown Glebe, Co Cork.  Service conducted by Rev James Elliott (uncle of the bride - See Cary family). Died 16 Feb 1903 at Sydenham Kent. Had issue.

18. Augustus Burrel Fitzmaurice b 1 Aug 1818.

20. Arthur Fitzmaurice born 12 Nov 1819 at Kelvin Grove, Carlow and baptised on 23 Nov 1819 at Leighlin, Carlow. God parents.  Mrs Henrietta Fitzmaurice, Henry Cary and Robert Fleury.  Married Frances (Fanny) Cary, eldest daughter of late Captain Robert Cary of Portarlington on 17 Feb 1842 at Leagh Church nr Portarlington.  He died 24 Feb 1892 at Kelvin Grove.  Had issue.

John FitzMaurice b 6 Jul 1803, son of John and Henrietta Frances Carey.  Married Eliza Taylor.  Had issue:-

1.  William FitzMaurice, b 23 Dec 1827 Saint Mary, Whitechapel.  No known further information yet.

2.  John Richard FitzMaurice, b 4 Nov 1829, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex.  Had issue

3.  Robert William FitzMaurice b 30 Sep 1832, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex.  Had issue

John Richard FitzMaurice married Anne (b 1827 in Guernsey).  No known further information yet.

Robert William FitzMaurice married Fanny Mary Falcke (b 3 Dec 1836 Battersea & died 25th Oct 1917 Warwickshire) on 14th Sept 1861 at St Mary's Church, Battersea.  He died April 1895. Had issue:-

1.  William FitzMaurice..

2.  Eliza Ada FitzMaurice b 1864 Birmingham.  Married Edward Kendrick in June 1886 Aston, Warwickshire

3.  John Rupert FitzMaurice,, b 1865 Kings Norton, Staffordshire.  Married 1 Jan 1896 Weeford Isabel Bennion, d of Herbert and Ann Bennion and had issue:  John Herbert Fitzmaurice b 1899 Leicestershire and Isabel Mary Fitzmaurice b 1900, who married her first cousin Robert Fitzmaurice, son of Walter and Ellen May on 5 Oct 1926.

4.  Henry (Harry) FitzMaurice, b 1866 Little Bromwich, Wardlad, Warwickshire

5.  Arthur Percy FitzMaurice,, b Jul 1867 Little Bromwich, Wardlad, Warwickshire married Evelyn Maud Horner (b 1882 Kings Cross, London) and had issue:  Graham Fitzmaurice b 1910.  He married secondly Gertrude M. Douglas (b 3rd June 1901) and had issue John Harman Fitzmaurice (b 10th June 1929 Chiswick & d 22nd August 2015 Chichester and had issue)

6.  Walter FitzMaurice, b Dec 1869 Aston, Warwickshire.  Married Ellen Mabel May (b 1873 Stafford, Aston, Birmingham).  Had issue: a) Robert Fitzmaurice b 1896 married Isabel Mary Fitzmaurice and b) Patrick Fitzmaurice married 16 Oct 1931 Shottery, Warwickshire to Winfred Joan Ward (b 21 Mar 1902 and died 1996 North Yorkshire) and had issue:  Patricia Margaret Fitzmaurice b 11 Sept 1937 Hemel Hempstead who married Derek M. Mitchell.

7.  Edward Dixon Fitzmaurice b ca 1873.  Married 2 Aug 1897 Brixton, st Matthew, Edith Madeline, aged 24, d of Charles Spencer, contractor.  Had issue:  Baron Reginald Fitzmaurice b 26 May 1904, bpt 21 Aug 1904 Parish of Balham Hill, Ascension, Wandsworth.  Died Apr-June 1977 Hillingdon, aged 73.

Eliza Ada FitzMaurice married Edward Kendrick in June 1886 and had issue:-

1.  Mary Norah Kendrick b 1887 Weeford, Staffordshire. Married 1917 Frederick W. Grant and had issue Edward Kendrick Grant, b 21 Mar 1921

2.  Walter FitzMaurice Kendrick, b 1890 Weeford, Staffordshire

3.  Arthur Percy Kendrick, b 1893 Weeford, Staffordshire.  Married ?.  Died 9 Oct 1917 East Africa..

4.  Winfred Kendrick,, b 20 Oct 1895 Weeford, Staffordshire.  Married Walter St Lawrence Palmour 1920.  Had issue Walter Fitzmaurice Palmour who married Patricia M. Saunders and had issue.

5.  Edward Robert Kendrick,, b 1889 Weeford, Staffordshire.  Died 30 May 1953

6.  Barbara Fitzmaurice Kendrick, b 1910 Weeford, Staffordshire

Robert Thomas Fitzmaurice b 2 Jun 1808.  Married Elizabeth Georgiana Evans at St Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey on 17th October 1833 when he was in Ordnance Office, Dublin.  It was the parish of Elizabeth .  He d 31 May 1837 Surrey Lodge, Rathmines, Dublin. Elizabeth married again to Frederick Branston of Clapham.  Had issue:

1.  Emma Frances Fitzmaurice b 27 Mar 1837 at Surrey Lodge, Rathmines.

2.  Georgiana Emily Fitzmaurice b 22 Jun 1835 at Surrey Lodge, Rathmines.  Died 24 Aug 1835

Emma Frances Fitzmaurice married Samuel Dixon on 13th October 1859 (b 1822 Camberwell and d Jun 1897 Wandsworth).  Had issue:-

1.  John Fitzmaurice Dixon, b 1876.  Had issue

2.  Granville Fitzmaurice Dixon b 20 Jul 1877 Wandsworth and died 8 Aug 1940 Surrey..

3.  Emma Fitzmaurice Dixon b 1861 Norwood, London.  Had issue.

4.  Harman Fitzmaurice Dixon b 20 April 1871 Wandworth and died 24 Jan 1941..

5.  Frances Maude Fitzmaurice Dixon b 1873 Wandsworth and died 5 August 1947 Wandsworth..

6.  Robert Fitzmaurice Dixon b 1864 Wandsworth..

7.  Gertrude Fitzmaurice Dixon b 1868 Wandsworth..

John Fitzmaurice Dixon married Clara Gertrude Webb and had Cecil Claude Dixon b 1893 Wandsworth.  He married May Victoria Deacon (b 1900 and d 1954).  Had issue two children.

Emma Fitzmaurice Dixon married a cousin Rev George Minchin Luther, b 1846 Crumlin, son of Guy Luther and Alicia Maria Fitzmaurice, daughter of John and Fanny Cary.  Had issue:-
1.  Theodora Luther b 1904.

William Raymond FitzMaurice b 29 June 1807.  Became a JP. Eldest surviving member at time of death.  Known as 'Father of Carlow Lodge 116'.  Lived at Belview at time of marriage. Married 6 Nov 1832 at Castletown Church, Queens County Anne Frances Hodson, only daughter of Major Hodson of Fitzgibbon St, Dublin and Catherine Harmina Herring (d of Col James Herring). Anne's mother, Catherine Harminah, relict of Major Hodson of the Royal Dublin Militia and only daughter of Colonel James Herring of Graigue, died on 23rd June 1844 in her 72nd year at Everton. William Raymond died aged 90 on 14th November, 1896 at his residence, Everton.  He was buried at Killeshin.  His wife Anne died on 23rd August, 1881 at Everton, Carlow.  Had issue 3 children:-

1.  Edward Raymond FitzMaurice born 23 Nov 1834 and baptised 1 Jan 1835 at Leighlin, Carlow and d 28 Nov 1898 at Killeshin.  Married on 9th April 1864 Janie Palmer (b 6 Sep 1843 Kanturk & d 5 Apr 1924 Southsea, Hants, UK). No issue.  Died at Erin Holm, Southsea, the residence of his sister-in-law, aged 64, only son.  Had been a land agent.  Member of Masonic Lodge.  Mourners included: Philip and Henry Palmer (brothers in law), William Raymond Clark JP, Harman Fitzmaurice (nephew), William Fitzmaurice JP, Arthur Fitzmaurice, Falkiner Harding, Clarence Cary (cousins).  Floral tributes sent by Mrs Edward Fitzmaurice, Misses Flora and Amy Fitzmaurice, Mrs Ferguson (Swansea), Master & Miss Ferguson,  the Misses Fitzmaurice of Fruit Hill, Carlow, Mr & Mrs Fitzmaurice of Kelvin Grove, Mrs Alleyne Bloomfield, Mrs Clark, B. Gould, Miss Harpur (Swansea)

2.  Frances FitzMaurice born 23 Nov 1837 and baptised 1st January 1838 at Leighlin, Carlow & d 17 Oct 1869. Eldest daughter.  Was living at Everton, Carlow at the time of her marriage at Killeshin on 29th April 1862, Major Harman FitzMaurice.  Had issue four children.

3.  Elizabeth FitzMaurice born 1 Aug 1839 at Mountain View,Carlow and baptised on 25th August, 1839 & d 26 Jan 1917. Married John Clark 4 Sep 1862 and had issue 8 children.

Henry Rochford FitzMaurice,, b 2 Nov 1811 married on 17th April 1841 Amy Greene who died 21 Sept 1848 Dundrum, Ireland.  He died on 11 Sept 1877 at North Road, East Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria.  Had issue:-

1. Henrietta FitzMaurice b 1842 and died 1857 Victoria, Australia.

2. Amy FitzMaurice b 1846 at Sally Park, Dublin.  Married John Armstrong Phillips on 29th Jan 1867 at St John's Church, South Melbourne, Australia.  He was born in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.  She died 1899 at Ewick, Victoria aged 53.  He died 1922. They had issue
(a) William John Phillips b 1867 d 1950 and married Alice Mary Wright.  Had issue:  Amy Gladys Phillips b 1895 Sale Victoria, Claude William and Doris Edith. 
(b) Arthur Phillips b 1875 Melbourne, Victoria.

3. Leonora FitzMaurice b 1846 Carlow.  Died 28 May 1908 Australia at Royal Hotel, Mt McDonald, New South Wales.  Married Thomas Llewellyn Evans 9 Feb 1864 in Textor, Victoria son of Robert and Jane Jones.   Thomas was a hotel heekper of Mt McDonald. He was born 1836 in Towyn, Merioneth Co, Wales and he died 19th September 1910 in Mt McDonald, NSW. Had issue 14 children:-

(i)  Charles Alfred Evans married Sarah Ann Sharwood in 1904 in Boorowa, NSW, daughter of Samuel Sharwood and Emily Allport.  She was born in 1885 in Goulburn, NSW.  Had issue:-

(a)  Charles R. Evans d 1917, Yass NS

(b)  Ammaline T Evans d 1921 Boorowa, NSW

(c)  Benjamin Evans b 1906 Boorowa, NSW and d 1906 Boorowa, NSW

(d)  Violet May Evans b 1910 Boorawa NSW.  D after 1975

(e)  Clive S Evans b 1913 Boorowa NSW and d after 1975

(f)  Iris Lily Evans b 1915 Boorowa NSA and d after 1975 m Clarence Walter MEdway 1940 Boorowa b after 1905 and d after 1975

(g)  Walter Francis Evans b 1917 Boorowa NSW m Alma Doreen Matilda Medway 1944.

(ii)  Henry Rochford Evans, died 1879 Orange, NSW

(iii) Amy Evans b 1865 Beau, Victoria.  Married (1) Thomas O Thomas in 1884 in Cowra, NSW.  He was born 1857 and died 1884 in Mt McDonald.  She married (2) Joseph Knox (an engineer on gold mining fields) in 1889 in Cowra.  He died 1915 in Redfern, NSW.  She married (3) John H. Govers 1917 in Redfern, NSW, son of William Govers and Margaret.  He was born 1866 in Forbes NSW and died 1935 in Granville, NSW.  She died 1955 Redfern, NSW

(iv) Robert Evans, b 1866 B'ford, Vic.  Died WA

(v) Jane Alice Evans b 1868, Beaufort, Vic.  Died 1872.

(vi) Maud Ruth Evans b 1870-72 Ballarat Goldfields.  Died 25 June 1954, Manly NSW

(vii) Thomas Rochford Evans b 1871, Victoria and d 1872. Victoria

(viii) Walter Rochford Evans b 1874 Orange, NSW and d 1875, Orange, NSW

(ix) Thomas LLewellyn Evans, b 1875 Bunninyong, Vic. d 1877 Orange, NSW

(x) Albert Lewis Evans. b 1876 Orange and d 1876 Orange.

(xi) Albert Evans b 1877 Orange NSW and d 1877 Orange

(xii) Eva Leonora Evans b 1880 Orange, NEW

(xiii) Arthur Albert Rochford Evans b 1883 Bathurst NSW.  d 17 July 1965 Orange

(xiv) Herbert A Evans b 1885 Carcoar, NSW. d WA

Henry Rochford Fitzmaurice married secondly Leonore Farley (b 1828 and died 1910 Scoresby, North Vic) on 5 Mar 1853 at St James, Melbourne. Went to Australia on Andromache 1850/51 which sailed from London in September 1850 stopping in Plymouth on 11th September 1850.  It arrived at Port Adelaide on 17th December 1850 and then went on to Port Phillip. He sailed with Leonora Farley and his three daughters.  All three were baptised on 3rd December 1848 at St Catherine's, Dublin.  Henry and Leonora lived in rural Avoca near the goldfields.  They lived in rented properties in Melbourne until they moved to the outer suburb of Vermont.  Henry had just 25 wealth at death and no property. Had issue 6 children:-

1. Henry Walter FitzMaurice b 1854 Melbourne.  In 1909 living Vermont.  Occupation: Independent Means.  Died Blackburn, Victoria 1936.No issue.

2. Clara FitzMaurice b 1855 Avoca District, Victoria, Australia and d 1944.  She married James Joseph Thompson on 1882 at St Luke's, Emerald Hill and had issue 7 children.

3. Mary Constanza FitzMaurice b 1860 Avoca District, Victoria, Australia.  In 1909 living in Vermont, Australia. Occupation Home Duties. Died 1930 Blackburn.  Did not marry.

4. John Alfred FitzMaurice b 1857 Melbourne and died 1948 Mitcham, Victoria.  In 1909 living in Vermont, Australia.  Occupation: Grazier.  Married Getrude Meadows in 1888.  Had issue:

(a) Evan Kathleen Fitzmaurice b 1893 Prahan, Victoria.  Married Roy Gordon Livermore in 1919and she d 1946.

(b) Leonora Mary Fitzmaurice b 1889.

5. Eva Eugenia FitzMaurice b 1862 Kang, Victoria, Australia.  Married Edwin Buckland 1901 Victoria.

6. Horace Gamaliel FitzMaurice b 1865 Picnic Point, Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia and d 31 January 1892 Archibald St Elsternwick, Victoria.

Gamaliel FitzMaurice married Charlotte FitzMaurice, daughter of Captain James Fitzmaurice and Harriet Thomas on 20th Jun 1850 at Killeshin, Carlow. Gamaliel died on 4th June, 1876 at Ballahide.  Charlotte died on 2nd May 1908 at Staffordale, 133 Richmond Park Rd, Bournemouth. UK in her 90th year.  Had issue:-

1.  Harriet FitzMaurice b 29 May 1851 Graigue.  Died 20 May 1916 London
2.  Charlotte FitzMaurice b 2 Sep 1855 Laurel Lodge, Carlow. Married Joseph Greene on 13 May 1885 Kenilworth Square, Rathgar, Dublin.  Had issue Elizabeth Adeline and Amy Hilda.

3.  Agnes Fitzmaurice b 6 Sept 1858 Killeshin..

4.  Eva Fitzmaurice b 6 Sept 1858 Killeshin and died 21 April 1888 at The Rocks, Crossdoney, Co Cavan.  Married Dr George E. Lyndon on 8 Feb 1888 at St Matthias Church, Dublin. Died two months after her marriage. No issue.

5.  Adeline Fitzmaurice b 29 Apr 1861 at Laurel Lodge, Carlow.  Died 7 April 1949 at The Old Manor, Salisbury.

Arthur FitzMaurice, (land agent) youngest son, and Henrietta Frances (Fanny) Cary had twelve children.  He died on 24th February 1892 at his residence, Kelvin Grove, Carlow  Buried at Killeshin.  His wife Fanny died a week later on 5th March, 1892, one week after their golden wedding anniversary and large party:-

1.  Frances Harding Fitzmaurice b 8 Dec 1842.  Married Falkiner Minchin Harding of Wellington Road, Dublin on 27 Apr 1864 at St Anne's Church, Carlow, the first marriage to take place in the new church which was consecrated in the month of April 1863 and was known as 'The Bruen Testimonial'.  She d 2nd May 1933 at Dublin

2.  Robert John Fitzmaurice b 31 Dec 1843 and d 7 Jan 1844

3.  Henrietta Georgiana Fitzmaurice b 26 Mar 1845 and a twin sister died the morning after. D 8 Oct 1846

4.  Helena Fitzmaurice born on  30 July 1846 and baptised on 19th August 1846 at Leighlin.  Arthur and Frances were living at Tullow St, Carlow at time of baptism.  Married her second cousin Major Harman FitzMaurice on 6th Sep 1876 at St Anne's Church, Carlow.  She d 30 Nov 1896 at Spring Hill House, Carlow.  Described as second daughter of Arthur when she married Harman who was living at Spring Hill, Carlow at the time of their marriage.

5.  Caroline Augusta Fitzmaurice born 24 Feb 1848 and baptised on 24th June 1848 at Leighlin and d 10 Nov 1928 at 8 Clarinda Park, East Kingstown, Co Dublin.  Did not marry.

6.  William Fitzmaurice born 13 Aug 1849 at Kelvin Grove and baptised on 18th August, 1849 at Leighlin, Carlow.  Worked in Land Agency. Married Mary Abigail Stopford on 21st Feb 1884 at St Michael's. Blackrock, Cork. She d 30 April 1928 at Carlow

7.  Emma Fitzmaurice born 2 Feb 1851 and baptised on 17 March, 1851 at Leighlin.  Married Joseph Plummer on 7th Nov 1905. She d 3 May 1926 Dublin.  Emma survived her husband.  Had no issue.

8.  Arthur Fitzmaurice (second son) born 11 Apr 1852 and baptised 7th June 1852 at Leighlin, Carlow.  Worked in Land Agency. Married Anna Maria (Annie) Pim on 27th June, 1877 by special licence at St Andrews Church, Dublin by Very Rev, Dean of Kildare, MA assisted by Rev J.R. Triphook, Presenter of Killaloe.  Annie was the only daughter of Rev John Pim, Prebendary of Nurney, Diocese of Kildare who died aged 67 on 10th Nov 1888 at Johnstown House, Carlow.  He d 21 Aug 1918 at Stradbrook Hall, Monkstown, Dublin.  No issue.

9.  Clara Fitzmaurice born 25 Jul 1853  and baptised 13th October 1853 at Leighlin, Carlow and d 11 Jul 1932. Was of 67 Adelaide Road, Dublin and 10 Mulgrave Terrace, Dun Laoghaire and 15 Mellifont Ave, Dun Laoghaire.  Did not marry.

10.Charlotte Fitzmaurice b 29 Aug 1855 and baptised 9th October 1855 at Leighlin, Carlow and d 11 April 1900 at Island View, Dalkey.  Did not marry.

11.Ida Fitzmaurice b 7 Sep 1859 and baptised 4th October, 1859 at Leighlin, Carlow and d 3 Aug 1906 34 York Street, Dublin.  Did not marry.

12.John Fitzmaurice - Died young.

Caroline Mary Fitzmaurice daughter of John Fitzmaurice and Fanny Cary, b 1 Mar 1817 at Leighlin, Carlow. Married John Henry Gavan on 5 Sep 1844 at Crumlin Church, Dublin.  Died 16 Feb 1903 at Sydenham Kent. Had issue:-

1.  Henrietta Letitia Sophia Gavan b 28 Sep 1845 who married Henry (Harrie) Shackleton of Kilkea (son of Ebenezer Shackleton and his wife Ellen Bell who had married on 27 Sept 1831) on 28 February 1872 at Carlow.  Had issue:-

1.  Gertrude Alice Shackleton b 24 Nov 1872.  Died 20 Sep 1938

2.  Sir Ernest Shackleton b 15 Feb 1874 at Kilkea, Co Kildare.  Died 5 Jan 1922.  Married Emily Mary Dorman on 9th April 1904 at Westminster and had issue a) Raymond b) Cecily Jane and c) Edward Arthur

3.  Amy Vilbert Shackleton b 14 April 1875 Kilkea, Co Kildare and died 13 April 1953

4.  Lieutenant Francis Richard Shackleton b 19 Sept 1876 and died 24 June 1941

5.  Ethel Rose Shackleton b 25 April 1878 Kilkea, Co Kildare and died 26 Sept 1935.  Married Rev Frank Ayers on 13 June 1907 and had issue Joyce and Phillip

6.  Eleanor Hope Shackleton b 8 Dec 1879 Kilkea, Co Kildare and died 15 Jan 1960

7.  Clara Lillian Shackleton b 7 Feb 1881 and died 11 May 1958

8.  Helen Shackleton b 7 Feb 1882 Kilkea, Co Kildare.  Married Edmund Henry Brietzeke on 11th November 1921.

9.  Kathleen Shackleton b 5 Feb 1884 and died 10 Jul 1961

10.Gladys Maybelle Shackleton b 8 Jan 1887 Sydenham, Kent and died 26 Jul 1962

William Fitzmaurice, son of Arthur and Fanny Cary married Mary Abigail Stopford (b 1858 Blackrock, Cork and died 22 April 1945 at Killeshin, Carlow), a daughter of Rev Joseph Stopford and his wife Elizabeth Dring who was the daughter of Simon Dring and Clementina Harding.  Mary Abigail moved to Easton Lodge, Monkstown, Co Dublin and then to 1 Leinster Crescent, Carlow. William and Mary Abigail maried on 21st February, 1884 at St Michael's Church of Ireland, Blackrock, Cork by Rev Canon Luther, a cousin of the bridgroom, assisted by Rev canon Smyth, Rector. William and Mary Abigail had issue:-

1.  Major Arthur Joseph William Fitzmaurice b 22 Feb 1885 Laurel Lodge, Carlow and died 14 Jul 1975 Laurel Lodge.  Married Dorothy Emily Hilda Foot, a daughter of Albert Revell Foot of 57 Northumberland Road, Dublin on 5 March 1918 at St Bartholomews, Clyde Road.  Had issue a son Arthur William Revell Fitzmaurice b 9 Sep 1923 Carlow.  Died  21 March, 2000.  He married and had issue.

2.  Reginald Maurice Fitzmaurice b 26 June 1889 Laurel Lodge, Carlow.  Captain in 4th Leinster Regiment.  He died 1 March 1965 Blackrock Dublin.  He married Daphne Thomasina Harding (b 23 Nov 1894 Co Limerick and died 10 Aug 1977 Blackrock, Dublin).  She was the daughter of Thomas Harding and his wife Maria Browning (a daughter of Thomas Wise Browning and Emily Gubbins) who married on 8 Dec 1893 in Dublin.  Had issue two sons, David William Thomas FitzMaurice b 7 Jul 1922 and died 5 Feb 2009 with issue and Arthur John Norris Fitzmaurice b 1928 and d 1929. 

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