LAFARELLE FAMILY DESCENDANTS OF HARMAN, Son of James of Kilmihill, Co Clare, third son of William, 20th Baron of Kerry

Sarah Marcella FitzMaurice, b 21 Dec 1818 at Carlow, the daughter of Captain James and Harriet Thomas, grand-daughter of Harman and Maria and great grand daughter of James and Catherine Moore, married Dr James Lafarelle.  James was the son of James Lafarelle b 1782 who married Elizabeth Greene on 20 Dec 1817. The eight children of James Lafarelle and Elizabeth Greene, the parents of Dr James were as follows:

1.  Elizabeth Anne Lafarelle bpt 18 July 1832 at Killeshin, Carlow married John Greene on 11 Nov 1861, the son of Joseph Greene and Anne Irwin and grandson of Captain John Greene and Mary Anne Cooper.
2.  Dr James Lafarelle bpt 1825 married Sarah Marcella FitzMaurice.
3.  Robert Lafarelle bpt 30 Mar 1827 at Killeshin, Carlow
4.  Martha Matilda Lafarelle bpt 3 Sept 1835 at Killeshin, Carlow
5.  Daughter Lafarelle - name unknown
6.  Son Lafarelle - name unknown
7.  Son Lafarelle - name unknown
8.  George Henry Lafarelle b 1 Jan 1831 at Springhill, Carlow.

Dr James Lafarelle and Sarah Marcella FitzMaurice had six children:-

1.  Mary Anne Lafarelle b 23 November 1853 and was baptised at Coleshill in Jan 1856. She died 1875..
2.  Harriet Lafarelle bpt 4th Jan 1856 Coleshill, Warwick, UK married 26 April 1898 Warwickshire Joseph Gilman.  They had Marcella H. who was born 1899 at Middleton Farm, Tamworth, Warwickshire and who died Dec 1956.  Harriet died Mar 1929 at Tamworth and her husband Joseph died Jun 1912 at Tamworth..
3.  James Lafarelle b 18 Sep 1857 Coleshill, Warwick, UK and bpt 16th oct 1857.  Emigrated to US.  Married Concepcion (Chonia) Garcia born Mexico 1872 and died Texas 15 April 1956.  They had six children.  See below
4.  Thomas Lafarelle bpt 10th Jul 1858.
5.  Eliza Marcella bpt 23 April 1860 at Coleshill.
6.  Amy Lafarelle bpt 1 April 1862 Coleshill, Warwick, UK.  She died 4 June 1866 at Coleshill
7.  Robert Lafarelle b 1868 Dublin.

Sarah Marcella died on 6th January 1900 at Coleshill.  Her husband James died on 29th December 1907 at Coleshill.  In his will described as retired surgeon.  Left effects to his daughter Harriet.  Effects 1759.

James Lafarelle, son of Dr James and Sarah Marcella FitzMaurice, married Concepcion Garcia.  They had six children:-

1.  Natividad Lafarelle b 1898 Texas.  Died 13 August 1983 Brewster, Texas.  Married Lucricia Gonzalez and had Lorenzo, Isabel and Gonzalo.
2.  Robert Lafarelle b 6 Jan 1908 Texas and died 4 May 2000 Texas.  Married Paz Ramirez and had twins Guillermo and Lorena.
3.  Marcella Lafarelle b 1899..
4.  Josephine Lafarelle b 1901..
5.  Elizabeth Lafarelle..
6.  Beatrice Lafarelle b 1905..

George Henry Lafarelle, son of James Lafarelle and Elizabeth Greene married on 6th April 1861 at Shilelagh, Wicklow, Aghold Parish Castiliana Susannah Haskins (she was b 1831 Laois and died 1898 Wentworth, Ontario).  Had issue:-
1.  James F. Lafarelle, b 1863 Athy, Kildare.  Married Martha Broadley (b 1866). He died 1949 Ontario, Canada..
2.  George Henry Lafarelle, b 14 Jul 1864 Athy, Kildare.
3.  Mary Anne Lafarelle, b 1868 Athy, Kildare. Married George Henry Peacock (b 1859 & d 1904). She died 15 June 1958.  Had issue Gladys Peacock (15 Apr 1895 Ontario - 11 Jun 1903 Halton, Ontario) and Doris Lucille Peacock (b 4 Jun 1903 m Archibald Clifford Spears 6 Sep 1924 Wentworth, Ontario)
4.  Matilda Margaret Lafarelle, b 1868 Athy, Kildare.  Died 1 Jun 1929. Wentworth, Ontario
5.  William Lafarelle, b 21 Dec 1869 Athy, Kildare.
6.  Elizabeth Harriet Lafarelle, b 14 April, 1872 Athy, Kildare.  Married Albert Edward Fryers (b 1861 Ontario, Canada).  Had issue Amy Elizabeth Fryers (b 6 Jun 1896 and who m Clifford Hope Scott & had Roy b 1924 Toronto ) and Ernest Albert Fryers (b 16 Aug 1898 York, Ontario)
7.  Harriet Lafarelle, b 14 Apr 1872.

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