GREENE FAMILY DESCENDANTS OF HARMAN, Son of James of Kilmihill, Co Clare, third son of William, 20th Baron of Kerry

William Nassau Greene b 1714 and d 1781 married Amy Westland.  They had a son Captain John Greene b 1751 Millbrook, Kildare and who died 28 Jul 1819.  He married on 12th June 1779 at St Marks, Dublin Mary Anne Cooper, a daughter of John Cooper and Mary Anne Paget.  John and Mary Anne had fourteen children:-

1.  Mary Anne Greene b 22 Mar 1780 and d 6 Jan 1841..
2.  William Nassau Greene b 1781 Moatfield, Kildare and d Oct 1830..
3.  John Greene b 1782 and d 24 Dec 1851 Berkeley, VA, USA.  Married Amy Greene and had five children.  Their daughter Amy married Henry Rochfort Fitzmaurice - see below.
4.  Thomas Greene b 1784..
5.  Amy Greene b 1786 and died 28 Oct 1847.  She married Captain Henry Dixon on 29 April 1805 at Kilkea.  They had seven children: Samuel Francis, William, Mary Anne, Bessie, Dora, Amy and John Mainwaring..
6.  Westland Greene b 1788 Moatfield, Kildare..
7.  Samuel Greene b 1789 Moatfield, Kildare married in 1828 Letitia Margaret Moore and they had a daughter Hannah Letitia Greene who married Thomas Haffield and had Cooper Haffield and Arthur John Haffield.
8.  Abigail Greene b 1790 Moatfield, Kildare and died 25 April 1849
9.  Elizabeth Greene b Jun 1792 and died April 1859.  She married James Lafarelle on 20 Dec 1817.  Amongst their issue of seven children, they had George Henry Lafarelle who married Castiliana Susannah Haskins, daughter of Abraham Haskins and Margaret FitzMaurice.
10. Nathaniel Greene b Dec 1793 Moatfield, Kildare and died 5 oct 1844.  He married Lousia Pentland on 24 Feb 1836 and had Henry, William and Louisa..
11. Martha Greene b 3 Jan 1796 and died 25 Feb 1870.  She married Arhtur Haffield on 23 May 1826 and had three sons and one daughter..
12. Robert Greene b Feb 1798 Moatfield, Kildare. Died Jan 1834
13. Henry Greene b 8 Jan 1802
14. Joseph Greene b May 1799.  Married Anne Irwin 14 Dec 1837.  Had issue: (a) John who married Elizabeth Anne Lafarelle (b) Samuel, (c) Jones William and (d)Charles Lyons Montgomery.

John Greene married Elizabeth Anne Lafarelle on 11th November, 1861.  Had issue:-

1. Joseph Greene b 18 Dec 1861 Spring Hill, Carlow married Charlotte FitzMaurice, daughter of Gamaliel and Charlotte on 13 May 1885 at Kenilworth Square, Rathgar. Dublin.  Had issue: Elizabeth Adeline Greene b 10 jan 1892 at Spring Hill and Amy Hilda Greene b 21 Nov 1893 at Ballymagarvey, Balrath, Navan.
2. Eliza Greene
3. Amy Constance Greene b 18 Jul 1867 Spring Hill, Carlow.  Married Henry Toppin on 14 April 1893 at St Matthias Church, Dublin.
4. Robert Samuel Greene b 10 Jan 1870. Married Ida Mabel Smith on 6 Oct 1892, St Mary's, Drogheda. Had issue:  Cecil John Greene b 2 Jan 1895 Molesworth, Dublin. Died 9 April 1899 Halifax. Canada.
5. Henry William Greene b 11 Dec 1871. Married May Jacob on 4 Oct 1894.  Had issue: Helen Dows Greene b 9 Jul 1895.


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